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The 2017 Native Rhythms Festival will once again conduct three separate competitions:
Flute Makers' Competition: This competition pits some of the best flute makers in the world against one another. Click here to proceed to the Flute Makers' Competition page to find the complete set of rules and the entry application for the Flute Makers' Competition.
Flute Players' Competition: This competition allows players of differing experience levels, from beginners to advanced, to compete in a live "battle of the flute players." Click here to proceed to the Flute Players' Competition page to find the complete set of rules and the entry application for the Flute Players' Competition.
Artists' Competition: This popular competition pits artists in various media (paintings, leatherwork, beading, sculpting, etc.) with their works incorporating a Native American culture or a nature/environment theme. Click here to proceed to the Artists' Competition page to find the complete set of rules and entry application for the Artists' Competition. 

Entrant Recognition Awards

For the ninth straight year, all Native Rhythms Festival competition entrants will receive a beautiful commemorative necklace with the flute-playing Kokopelli character from our event logo etched on authentic Jerusalem stone. These necklaces will look like the one in the photo at the left, except they will have the date '17 in the upper right-hand corner. These necklaces will be a limited run for our 2017 competition entrants. (Those from previous years are pictured below.) 

These necklaces will be made by the Holy Land Stone Company. The Jerusalem stones used in these necklaces, and their other fine products, are imported directly from Israel and are certified to be authentic.  

So, don't miss out on the '17 Native Rhythms Festival competitors' necklace. All you need do is enter the Flute Makers' or Flute Players' or Artists' Competition and you'll have this beautiful keepsake.

Competition Awards

Winners in the Native Rhythms Festival Flute Makers', Flute Players', and Artists' Competitions will be awarded unique, custom trophies as specified in the rules for the individual competitions.

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