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2016 Native Rhythms Festival Vendors

The following vendors have registered to participate in the 2016 Native Rhythms Festival. Watch this page as new vendors come on board to join this year's list of outstanding artists and craftspeople. Join our Native Rhythms Festival Facebook group to receive notification when new vendors are added to this list:


We encourage you to visit our vendors' websites often and stop by their booths during our event.


Please read the 2016 Vendor Rules carefully. As at the last few years' festivals, we continue to be sensitive to vendor compliance with the 2010 amendment to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA) of 1990 and to the City of Melbourne's strict enforcement of the city's fire codes. Please read the Vendor Rules carefully. Please note that all vendors must be completely set up and ready for inspection by 9AM on Friday. 

Once again we offer our vendor applicants the option of requesting the area of the vendor grounds in which they would like to set up. That has worked well the last couple years, and it will again be available this year. The vendor grounds have been divided into four quadrants, and vendor applicants can request up to three specific areas by the quadrant designation and whether they would like the inner or outer side of the pathway. We can't guarantee that all requests can be honored, and earlier registration will get first consideration.

The text of the rules appear below, and may be downloaded through the links at the bottom of this page.

Flute Makers
Vendor Website Offering

4 Wind Flutes
Brad & Debbie Young


Wooden flutes
By George Flutes
George Dyson
Native American style flutes made by hand from river cane, bamboo, and wood.
Feather Ridge Flutes
Randy & Shelly Stenzel
Native American style flutes, drums, rattles, fleece drum & flute bags.
Flight Feather Flutes
Utah Farris
Native American style flutes, CDs, flute bags, artwork & wood carvings.
Island Flutes
Ray Wood
Native American style flutes, herbs, some leather things, some beadwork

Jon Norris Music & Arts
Jon Norris
Native American style flutes, rim-blown and transverse flutes accessories and instructional materials, stringed and percussion.

LoKo Flutes
Loren W. Kohler
Native American style flutes, flute bags, flute totes, drum bags, shakers, rattles, etc.

Native Andes Center
Jaime Chavez
Woven tapestry, wool jackets, bags, South American Kena flutes, pan flutes.
Rising Moon Flutes
David O'Neal
Native American style flutes, flute stands.
Sea Symphony Flutes
Bill Hufham
Native American style flutes; fleece bags; pyrographic art.
Shiwanna Flutes
Rick Svitzer
Native American Style Flutes.
Spiral Flutes
Dave Graves
Bamboo flutes, flute bags, flute accessories, gourd rainsticks, Natural Fiber Spirit accessories
Tree of Life Designs
Ed & Dawn Dougherty
Handcrafted flutes from wood and bamboo, hand carved walking sticks and canes, wood spirits, rhythm shakers and rattles, and a host of other distractions. The Apothecary & Smudge Shop offers a full line of incense, hand blended smudges, sage wands, resins, burnables, and burning accessories, as well as all-natural hand-blended body balms, healing salves and oils, essential oils, and aftershaves. We also carry Himalayan salt lamps and salt spa accessories.
Woodsounds Flutes
Brent Haines
Exquisitely crafted wooden Native American style flutes.
Willow Creek Woodcraft
Peter Churcher
Native American style flutes made from various woods and corian.
Yanko Enterprises
Allan Yanko
Flutes, drums, bone carvings, dream catchers, leather painting.

Arts & Crafts
Vendor Website Offering

Artifacts Museum Gallery

Tom Detrick
Handmade decor consisting of spears, bows, arrows, knives, and axes made of stone, bone, wood, leather, ceramic.

Bill & Susie Gingras
Handmade bone & stone traditional items; Handmade sterling silver jewelry.
Books & DVD on Native American skills (Not Native Made).
DeLuna Arts
Paul DeLuna
Original art, handmade crafts, jewelry.
Eagle Rock Jewelry
Colleen & Joe Lentini
Design & make unique Native American style ^ contemporary jewelry using semi-precious stones, glass, porcelain, bone & wood beads, wire and resin. Our techniques include kumihimo (Japanese bead weaving); fabricating resin pendants; wire wrapping; crocheting with wire; hammering & twisting wire to create bracelets, rings, and earrings.
Inner Mountain Stones & Woods
Sandie Buttry
Decorative gourds, twisted walking sticks, wire wrapped jewelry, bone & antler creations, rattles, wands.
Intertribal Spirit
Diane Buz

All handmade by me: dream catchers, gourd art, bone art, crystals & sometimes by organic soap products.
Kaye's Wares
Ellen 'Kaye' Ware
Acrylics on canvas and Giclees of original art. Cups, magnets, cards with original art. Flute bags, leather, & lighter cases in leather.
Little Fox Creations
Betty Overrocker
Handcrafted medicine bags, dreamcatchers, one of a kindjewelry, custom made and demonstrated on site. Each tells a nature story and/or has healing properties according to the medicine wheel.
Mermaid in the Mountains
Kim Cruickshank
Handmade leather shoulder bags and journals.

Peltier Art / Skywind Art
Sarah Skywind
Peltier oil paintings and prints. Smudge fans, drums, beaded jewelry, etc.
R&R Collectables
Becky Meyers
Native American style jewelry, pottery, beadwork, art, T-shirts, dolls, etc.

RedHanded Trade
Pam Bennett
Woodland era designs on gourds, gourd drums, tees. Ribbon shirts, stomp skirts, dance shawl, NA books, botanicals, & display of Florida Natives & elements used in daily life.

Rustic Apocalypse Jewelry
Phillip Kelley

Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by Native American culture. I use bones, glass beads, chevron beads, teeth, claws, seaglass. I also make keychains.

Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures
Ruth Ann Motley
Hand crafted Native American jewelry & dream catchers.

Spotted Pony Traders
Jeff & Cindy Kruger
Deer & elk leather, handmade moccasins, supplies: sinew, needles, beads, furs.
Submerge Bath & Body
Joy Clore Willis
All natural, handmade bath products: soap, oils, herbal heat packs - Native themed.

Trailwalker Crafts
Dean & Tanya Morrison
Buckskin purses, pouches, moccasins, dance sticks, rawhide rattles, braid wraps, vests, jackets, chokers, sage smudge kits.
The Wickiup
Yvonne Long
Face painting, beadwork, dreamcatchers, jewelry.
Wild Sage - Native American Jewelry
Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry, feather art by Natalie. Handmade soaps & lotions & sage products.
You Rock Crystals
Kathi Wahls
A wide variety of rocks, crystals, & gemstones. Stone jewelry, incense, wire-wrapped jewelry, dreamcatchers, walking sticks, noisemakers & rattles, beads, wind chimes, sage.


Vendor Website Offering

American Indian Creation

Billy Whitefox (and Linda Prejeant)
Handmade flutes, jewelry, bags, dolls, CDs, handmade art, home decor, and much more.

Arvel Bird
CDs, download cards, USB drives, t-shirts, Pat Haran flutes.

Bumblebee Archery
Sydney Phipps & Rickey Phipps

Handcrafted traditional long bows and archery supplies. Also featuring our music as we will be performing at NRF on Saturday and Sunday.

Ed WindDancer
Green Leppard Sales 
Dock Green Silverhawk & Cindy
CDs, Painted Ponies, jewelry, blankets, etc.
Jonny Lipford
Contemporary music of the Native American-style flute and world flutes performed by Jonny Lipford.  Also featuring contemporary (Free Spirit) and rhythmic (Tribal Rhythms) backing tracks that are designed with the Native American-style flute in mind!  Private lessons are also available.
Medicine Wind Music
George Tortorelli
Handmade, fine-tuned bamboo flutes & whistles made from organic homegrown Florida bamboo. Original bamboo flute & Celtic harp CDs.

Painted Raven
Annette Abbondanza and Holly Harris

Painted Raven CDs and merchandise, including backing tracks, T-shirts, magnets, stickers, guitar picks, instructional booklets for flute and guitar.
Randy Granger

Steven Rushingwind & Nelson Rios

Teeshirts, CDs, leather bracelets.

Turtle Mound Flutes
Johnny Kee (John & Claire Ellis)
Native American style flutes, "Urban Bamboo" Knock-About Flutes, fleece flute bags. Also now offering guitars with the same nature artwork found on our wooden flutes.

"A Song A Week for the Native American Flute & Accompanying Guitar" songbook with CDs, "Getting Started" books, Home Recording Studio books.


Food Vendors
Vendor Website Offering

Boy Scout Troop 520
Nancy Yost
Canned/bottled drinks: water, soda, coffee, hot chocolate

Ms O's Grill on Wheels

Ozetta Gipson

Frybread - Indian tacos & fruit filled, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs (chili, plain), drinks.

Jaini M. King
Cinnamon glazed almonds & pecans, organic iced coffee, iced green tea.
Slow & Low BBQ
Nicole Smith
St. Louis ribs, pork sandwiches, brisket, turkey, ribs, burgers, waffle fries, okra, fried pickles, chicken tenders, turkey legs, fresh lemonade, sodas, bottle water.

Unto These Grills
Dixie Hwy; Jensen Beach
Game burgers (buffalo, deer, & elk) on frybread, Tatanka "Buffalo Sausage" Roll, Cherokee Pork "Fryz", Gator Dan, "Fry" Corn, Hoe Cakes, and more.
Vegan or Gluten Free options available on request.


Vendor Website Offering
Archhaeologists for Autism.
Thomas Penders
Display of artifacts, sponsor forms, brochures.

Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Inc.
Beekeeping educational displays. Tips to support honeybees and pollinators, Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Club information. T-shirts and local raw honey available for purchase.
[Florida Bat Conservancy]  
Bat Belfrys Inc./Florida Bat Conservancy

Shari Blisset-Clark
Displaying educational materials related to bats; bat houses; bat themed shirts, hats, bookmarks; bat books; Florida Bat Conservancy memberships.
David Skipworth Medicine Tipi David Skipworth will be bringing his Medicine Tipi and doing talks on tipi etiquette, history of indigenous people and native crafts. The tipi has been blessed and dedicated by ministers and a war chief, and has many hand crafted artifacts on the inside. David is the pastor of a horsemen ministry in Ocala, FL called People of the Horse ministry.  David is a descendent from the Cherokee and Chickasaw nations.
Florida Public Archaeology Network
The Florida Public Archaeology Network's mission is to promote and facilitate the conservation, study and public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage through regional centers throughout the state, each of which has its own website.

Flute Tree Foundation, Inc.
We want to raise people's awareness of our foundation, its mission, strategic goals and plans. We will hand out brochures describing our mission and strategic goals. We also have items available based on donation levels: Flute Tree bumper stickers ($10), slide rule for transposing music to NAF tablature ($25), a flute backtracking CD ($50).
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Nancy and Dan Kon
Talking about the Florida Black Bear and how we can coexist with our wildlife, coloring pages for the kids, donation jar, along with window decals.

Wild Horse Rescue Center
Diane Delano
WHRC sets up a corral for hour horses to conduct demonstrations throughout the day. Come learn about wild horses and pick up BLM "Adopt a Horse" items. [non-profit 501(c)(3) organization]

2016 Vendor Area Map

This is the 2016 vendor area layout.  

1 Golf Carts Unlimited 34 Trail Walker Crafts
2 R&R Collectibles 35 Jonny Lipford
3 Wild Sage - Native American Jewelry 36 Steve Rushingwind & Nelson Rios
4 Feather Ridge Flutes 37 Painted Raven
5 Backwoods 38 Randy Granger
6 Florida Bat Conservancy 39 Willow Creek Woodcraft
7 Archaeologists for Autism 40 Eagle Rock Jewelry
8 Redhanded Trade 41 Mermaid in the Mountains
9 Inner Mountain Stones & Wood 42 DeLuna Arts
10 Intertribal Spirit Designs 43 Rustic Apocalypse Jewelry
11 Little Fox Creations 44 Peltier Art / Skywind Art
12 Kaye Ware Art 45 Artifacts Museum Gallery
13 Shiwanna Flutes 47 Yanko Enterprises
14 Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures 48 Bear Tracks
15 American Indian Creations  (Billy Whitefox) 50 By George Flutes
16 The Wickiup 51 4 Wind Flutes
17 You Rock Crystals 52 Jon Norris Music
18 Wild Horse Rescue 53 Tree of Life Designs
19 Native Andes Center 54 Rising Moon Flutes
20 Spotted Pony Traders 54a Sam's Club
21 Loko Flutes 55 Submerge Bath & Body
22 Medicine Wind Music  (George Tortorelli) 56 PJ Shuckers Corn
23 Flight Feather Flutes 57 Nutz2U
24 Island Flutes 58 Unto These Grills
25 Imagine Our Florida 59 Slow & Low BBQ
26 Florida Public Archaeology 60 Ozetta's Grill on Wheels
26a Brevard Backyard Beekeepers 61 Drinks - Boy Scout Troop 520
26b NASA KSC Education 62 Scoops Ice Cream 
27 Flute Tree Foundation 63 Kashka Tlingit Culture
28 Ed Winddancer 64 Green Leppard Sales  (Dock Silverhawk)
29 Sea Symphony Flutes 65 Arvel Bird
30 MW Flutes, Flies & Feathers 66 Bumblebee Archery  (Sydney Phipps)
31 Spiral Flutes  67 Tipi Display
32 Woodsounds Flutes F Free Flute Lessons (Indian River Flute Circle)
33 Turtle Mound Flutes  (Johnny Kee)    

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Download 2016 Vendor Rules and Vendor Agreement

Vendor Rules

Click here to download the Vendor Rules in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Vendor Rules in Adobe PDF format.

Vendor Agreement

Click here to download the Vendor Agreement in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Vendor Agreement in Adobe PDF format.

Other Supporting Vendor Documents

Click here to download the Non-Attending Artist Statement of Compliance in Microsoft Word format.

Click here to download the Non-Attending Artist Statement of Compliance in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download the Food Vendor FLORIDA FIRE PREVENTION CODE acknowledgement form


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